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Triodent – Innovative. Simple. Smart Triodent designs, manufactures and sells innovative products that promote better dentistry and make the dentist’s job easier. Triodent’s dental innovations include the award-winning V3 Sectional Matrix System for posterior composite restorations, Wave-Wedge, WedgeGuard, theTriotray family of impression trays, the SuperCurve Non-Stick Matrix and more.

Completing the system is the transparent Adaptive Wedge™. The wedge is packed with unique features that facilitate outstanding matrix retention and adaptation, and a perfect seal on the matrix at the gingival margin


Experience more predictable more enjoyable dentistry with V3!

The strongest ring available on the market today Additional NEW V3 Ring Narrow to ensure optimal separating force on smaller teeth Increased spring tilt for easier stacking Spring made entirely from NiTi for outstanding spring strength and memory Will not collapse into wide cavities,even when a cusp is missing Very stable in forceps (mesially and distally) Glass-fiber reinforced plastic tines for exceptional retention and superior adaptation V-shaped tines, retained from design of the original V-Ring, allows you to wedge from both sides Fully autoclavable

SURPASS™ the only material on the market that completely outperforms all of the 4th generation bonding systems.

Combining proven self etching technologies with a new primer / bonding resin approach, SURPASS™ offers the highest shear strengths while eliminating sensitivity in one simple technique.



Interface Ceramic / Enamel / Dentin Primer

Invented by Dr. John Kanca III, Interface is the only material that allows a doctor to prepare ceramics, dentin and enamel in one simple application step. Interface achieves this without the use of hydrofluoric acid.




MICROLUX Transilluminator Features: • Autoclavable light guide, available in 2mm and 3mm • High output L.E.D • Battery Operated • Portable and easy to use • Protective Sleeves available Benefits: • Helps to Visualize Posterior and Anterior Caries, Crown Fractures and Root Canal Orifice





The addition of a cone of water mist surrounding the air/abrasive stream captures almost all of the dust! Cutting results continue to be optimal. Use of warm water further enhances patient comfort. Water mist starts & stops instantly with air/abrasive flow.


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