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Simplicity Dental Adhesive



Simplicity (patent pending) is a revolutionary universal self-etching resin adhesive system. It consists of just two bottles and meets all the needs of adhesive dentistry. There is no mixing, no shaking, and no need for separate catalysts. The system etches enamel just like phosphoric acid and the conditioner desensitizes instantly on contact. It is very simple to use and application takes only about 30 seconds, including the light-curing. Simplicity is compatible with every composite and can be used for all procedures; direct restorations, light-cured and self-cured composites, bonding on crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, desensitizing root surfaces and even bonding in posts. Simplicity is available in Canada through Sure Dental 1-888-277-2335 and in the United States through Apex Dental Products, at 1-877-APEX 123.


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