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Exquisite Restoration™



Exquisite Restoration™ is a visible light-activated, nanofill composite for anterior and posterior restorations. In addition to its low shrinkage and low abrasion, Exquisite Restoration™ has exceptional handling and provides excellent mechanical properties. Exquisite Restoration™ is highly radiopaque and is very wear resistant. Available in Syringes or Unit Doses.


  • Low Stress Restorations
  • Long-term Durability and High Hardness
  • Non Sticky, Easy to Handle
  • Highly Sculptable
  • Beautiful, Esthetic Restorations


  • Low Shrinkage
  • Improved Wear Resistance
  • Highly Sculptable Consistency
  • Excellent Gloss and Polishability
  • High Filler Loading

Phasor™, Vista’s new composite heating system, works perfectly with Exquisite Restoration™. Using near-infrared heating technology, Phasor™ heats composite to 150 degrees in 45 seconds. Heating composite provides enhanced properties such as improved adaptation, reduced voids/microleakage, and increased polymerization.

30+ year old amalgam should have been replaced years ago when the surface started to pit.



Occlusion adjusted, polished with pumice and then glazed with Surpass 1,2,3. Final cure of 10 secs from each direction.

Thomas W. Mitchell, DDS, FAGD