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Fenderwedge - Assorted Kit A powerful combination of a wedge and a protective stainless steel plate thin enough to accomodate most narrow spaces easily.When inserted, FenderWedge® pre-separates the teeth by a few tenths of a millimeter which aids in the final building of the contact point. FenderWedge® also protects adjacent teeth during Class II preparation. • In almost 2/3 of cases adjacent teeth are damaged during class II preparation. FenderWedge® prevents such damage • Facilitates easy placement of matrix and establishment of contact points • As easy to insert as a wedge • Jams in and stays in position

FENDERWEDGE® KIT: One hand operated organizer box. It contains 144 FenderWedges total. 36 pcs of X-Small (Purple) 36 pcs of Small (Orange) 36 pcs of Medium (Green) 36 pcs of Large (Yellow)