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PrepStart H20
Air Abarasion System

The addition of a cone of water mist surrounding the air/abrasive stream captures almost all of the dust! Cutting results continue to be optimal. Use of warm water further enhances patient comfort. Water mist starts & stops instantly with air/abrasive flow. The Prepstart H2O is available as a complete new system or as an add-on accessory. The H2O may be added on to an existing Prepstart in about 5 min with a screw driver. The H2O is attractively styled to look integrated with the Prepstart. No electric or water connections are used. Water is added to removable tank. H2O accessory includes system attached to a new Prepstart top cover that is easily exchanged with any Prepstart. One H2O handpiece with .019 nozzle is included. PrepStart H2O products offer a maximum of patient comfort with reduced need for injections, another practice building feature. Captures almost all dust Warm water increases patient comfort No water connection, water is self contained On-Off water switch Adjustable water flow Air connection only to PrepStart foot pedal line 1 year warranty