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ViscoStat Clear

ViscoStat Clear is a viscous 25% aluminum chloride hemostatic gel that is recommended for anterior restorations because it eliminates minor bleeding without any residue.

Contents: 1 - 30ml ViscoStat Clear Indispense syringe Shelf Life: 18 months.


The Ultrapak cord is made of 100% cotton, knitted into thousands of tiny loops that form long, interlocking chains. The unique knitted design exerts a gentle, continuous outward force following placement as the knitted loops seek to open. Ultrapak cord is designed to enhance the ViscoStat/Astringedent and Dento-Infusor Tissue Management Technique; however, conventional techniques using alum, aluminum chloride, etc., are also enhanced when using Ultrapak plain knitted cords, since they carry significantly greater quantities of hemostatic solution than conventional cords.