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Phase Change
            Handpiece Lubricant


Are you tired of your handpiece turbines breaking down every 5 to 7 months? Do you notice your handpiece running slower and slower until it stops? Discover the solution that handpiece manufacturers don't want you to know about... Phase Change handpiece lubricant is a natural, petroleum based formula that is safe for equipment, the environment, staff, and patients. Unlike synthetic lubricants, Phase Change doesn't breakdown in the autoclave leaving chemical deposits that can slow down or even breakdown the handpiece turbine. Phase Change is formulated to extend the life of your handpiece turbine, dramatically reducing the expense and downtime of handpiece repair.

Phase Change handpiece lubricant is an advanced lubricant formula designed to protect your handpiece during sterilization and use, extending it's life from 3 to 10 times. By routinely using Phase Change you will dramatically reduce the expensive costs and downtime associated with handpiece repair.