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IMatrix™-Disposable Retainer Matrix System





The iMatrix-Disposable is a single-use, pre-assembled disposable matrix and retainer system designed for both composite and amalgam restorations of every class. The iMatrix-Disposable features a compact and easy-to-place matrix band that is easily adjustable for any quadrant or angle with a twisting handle to maximize patient comfort and quick-release locking system for fast removal. The ultra-thin matrix bands are available in a V or pre-contoured shape to adapt to all tooth contours, allowing for a tight seal in any restoration.

● Convenient, time-saving disposable system
● Compact size for increased comfort and visibility
● Easily adjustable and quick-release locking system
● Available in stainless steel and mylar V shape
● Available in pre-contoured stainless steel

    Steps for Usage
    1. Set Up: Before application, adjust the angle of the band to match the specific mouth
    quadrant for the matrix band.
    2. Placement: Ensure optimal fit by positioning closest to the gum-line.
    3. Securing: Wrap the band around the tooth and tighten by turning the twist-handle. Use
    wedges and shape the band with a suitable burnishing tool if necessary.
    4. Restoration: Follow standard clinical procedures for tooth restoration.
    5. Removal: Loosen the band by turning the twist-handle counterclockwise when it's time
    for removal.

    When to use iMatrix Disposable Bands
    iMatrix Disposable would be useful in the following scenarios:
    • Sectionals cannot be utilized
    • Significant gaps are present between teeth
    • The adjacent tooth is absent
    • Substantial and broad interproximal box
    • Replacement of cusps
    • Extensive MOD cavities
    • Amalgam restorations