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Greater Curve Matrix
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Banana Bands !!!

"Many of our patients cannot afford optimal treatment at all times and having the means to restore difficult teeth efficiently is certainly another piece of the puzzle. I recommend adding this inexpensive matrix to your bag of tricks." Rich Erickson, MS, DDS Editor, Dental Updates

Benefits of the Greater Curve Tofflemire Band

Direct Class II composites are simpler and faster to set up. No wedges. No separating springs. The dentist restores the tooth in a neutral stable position. Direct Class II composites will have predictable broad and deep contacts. The dentist has complete control of the size and positioning of the contact. Contacts will be very smooth and tight. Direct Class II composites with wide embrasures become routine. Excellent for restoring with direct Class III, Class IV, and Class V composites. The band provides better isolation of the prep, as well as a stable matrix for condensing composite. Bonding to sub gingival preparations is simpler due to the isolation and access provided by the Greater Curve band.

             Before                                                     Final Direct Composite Buildup                   Radiograph of Restoration