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Turbo Temp

Beautiful Temps

TurboTemp offers great aesthetics, perfect fit, a precise set time and almost no sticky layer. Danville guarantees TurboTemp to be equal or superior to any material, at any price or you money back! With only 0.4% shrinkage, fit and occlusion is perfect. High flexural strength further makes TurboTemp the best choice. Syringable, Bis-Acrylic composite. True Vita Shade match. Jumbo, 76gm cartridge with 10 tips. FEATURES Simple Technique: Take impression prior to prep. Syringe TurboTemp 2into impression and place over prep. Remove after 1 minutues and cut away flash. Replace in mouth until 4 minutes from start has lapsed. Clean, polish and cement or spot-bond in place. or Allow full cure in 4 min. Restoration will harden in place. Trim and polish.