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Phasor Instruction Manual



Vista Dental Products has revolutionized composite delivery with the Phasor™ composite warming system. This patent-pending device is the first of its kind, using near infrared technology to rapidly warm highly filled composite compules. With the touch of a button, Phasor™ is able to heat composite material to 150°F in seconds, and maintain that temperature throughout the procedure, while remaining cool to the touch. This technique provides the benefits of bulk fill, highly filled AND flowable composite in one. Warming composite significantly lowers the viscosity of the material, resulting in better adaptation, reduced voids and microleakage, and improved depth of cure. Materials remain highly sculptable, non-sticky, and easily shaped during manipulation. Unlike other devices, Phasor™ is not limited to a single brand of composite. This makes the device extremely versatile, not only in quick posterior bulk fills, but traditional incremental layering techniques in aesthetic regions as well. PROCEDURAL EFFICIENCY Better placement and handling of composites decreases procedure time LOWER VISCOSITY Flowability similar to flowable composites can be achieved with the use of heat DURABILITY & WEAR RETENTION Preheating increases composite microhardness SAFE Does not damage pulp tissue or cause discomfort LESS VOIDS & MICROLEAKAGE Better clinical outcomes and reduced chance of secondary caries Phasor™ Kit Includes: (1) Phasor™ (3) Removable Nosecones (1) Stand (1) Power Supply (3) Tooth Models (1) Device Maintenance Kit Phasor™ Office Kit Includes: (2) Phasor™ (6) Removable Nosecones (2) Stands (2) Power Supplies (3) Tooth Models (2) Device Maintenance Kits

Phasor™ Autoclavable Nosecones

Phasor™ On Stand

Phasor™ Top View