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Reduce occlusal composite finishing time by 50% The Occlusinator™ Composite Finishing Kit is a set of three diamond burs specifically designed to make sculpting of occlusal surfaces of Class I and II posterior composites as easy as possible, resulting in up to 50% faster finishing times. The large and small acorn-style burs feature a fine (50 micron) grit with angled heads that match the anatomy of molars and premolars (like the 21B acorn burnisher used in amalgam carving). Simply pack, cure, and shape. The self-limiting, diamond-free “safe edge” prevents cutting too deeply. Unlike carbide burs that look similar, the Christmas Tree shaped bur, with its superfine (15 micron) grit, smooths and polishes planar surfaces without leaving grooves or concave planes. The upper, diamond-free “safe zone” rests on the adjacent uncut surfaces without cutting or nicking the enamel. Kit includes large and small acorn-style burs, Christmas Tree bur, and aluminum bur block. Fully autoclavable.