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Bonded Retainer Placement System




The Jevan Instrument System speeds and simplifies lingual direct-bonded retainer placement. Start precise placement of the lingual wire with the Jevan Thumb forceps. Hold the wire in place against the first lingual surface with a slight twist while bonding. Then, use the Jevan hand instrument to progressively adapt the wire to adjacent lingual surfaces. Its angled J-shaped end applies anteriorly-directed pressure. V-grooved tip straddles wire for better control. Straight end may be used to “force” wire adaptation for slightly rotated incisors. Each set includes one Jevan Thumb forceps, one maxilla Jevan instrument and one mandible Jevan instrument. Works for both right and left-handed use. Stainless steel construction is fully sterilizable. Forceps measure 4 7/8" long. Hand instruments are 6" long.