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Digitest® 3 


The NEW Digitest® 3 Pulp Vitality Tester is a hand-held, battery-powered diagnostic device that identifies a living tooth by stimulating it with a weak electric current. The unique Digitest 3 stimulus is designed to reliably trigger a patient response in a vital tooth with minimal discomfort.

When the start button is pressed, the device’s microprocessor produces a gentle, pulsed waveform that automatically increases in strength, repeating several times per second. This progressive stimulus produces a pulpal response well below the patient’s pain threshold. The result is an accurate reading you can rely on, while keeping the patient comfortable.

The same button that powers up the device, allows the user to program the unit’s rate of stimulus. In addition, the microprocessor performs a self-test every time the unit is turned on to assure that the entire electronic system is functioning properly.

The unit has a Low Battery indicator which ensures that the unit operation is always at peak efficiency. Also, the unit shuts itself off after testing to preserve battery life. The Digitest 3 comes with a standard, 9-Volt Alkaline battery that may be easily replaced right in the dental office.