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Calset Warmers

Multi Tray
Tri Tray
Original Tray

Warming composites couldn’t be easier with AdDent’s Calset Multi-Tray. Not only will it warm your compule in a dispenser gun, it warms 2 placement instruments that will enable you to sculpt the composite easier and with more precision. It also holds, and warms 4 extra compules and 2 syringes. The new Multi-Tray can be purchased separately for those who own a Calset, or as a complete Calset Multi-Tray Composite Warmer. Other available trays are: Porcelain Veneer Tray, Anesthetic Tray, and Syringe Tray. Independent research papers on the advantages of warming composite are on our website.

• Calset Multi-Tray warms composites
• Warms 2 finishing instruments, making it easier to sculpt the composite
• Holds 4 spare compules
• Holds 2 Syringes
• Warmed composite provide quicker cures
• Less Microleakage
• Stronger restorations