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Bond Force™

7th Generation, Self- Etching Bonding Agent



Outstanding bond strength with your preferred
dispensing system Bond Force is a seventh-generation single component light-cured dental adhesive that requires one single application to achieve award-winning bond strength. The self-leveling technology allows for a uniform adhesive layer that has a film thickness as thin as 8μm. OUTSTANDING BOND STRENGTH
Bond Force creates a 3-D fusion link to the tooth generating an extremely strong bond to enamel and dentin. While releasing fluoride and preventing post-op sensitivity, Bond Force requires only one application, and is designed to be used on both cut/uncut enamel and dentin. YOU CHOOSE YOUR ETCHING METHOD
No mixing, etching or rinsing is required. Nevertheless, Bond Force gives you the flexibility to choose self-etch or selective enamel-etch depending on the case and doctor’s preference. Additionally, Bond Force allows for 5 minutes extended working time with only 10 seconds of light-curing. MOIST, WET or DRY
Bond Force is not technique sensitive, it works great under any surface moisture conditions. In fact, a dry tooth provides the highest bond strength.